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Cardioblate CryoFlex

Clamp and Surgical Ablation Probe

Cardioblate CryoFlex Clamp and Surgical Ablation Probe

The Convenience of a Clamp and Probe in a Single Device


The Cardioblate™ CryoFlex™ Clamp and Surgical Ablation Probe combines the utility of the CryoFlex probe with the familiar and useful delivery of a clamp. The only two-in-one cryoablation device, the clamp houses a 10 cm malleable probe that can be ejected and used separately to create lesions.

Familiar Delivery System

Surgeons accustomed to creating cardiac tissue ablations with a clamp can use argon-powered cryoablation in a familiar delivery system. The probe can be removed from the clamp to perform extensive ablations with a single device.

Visual Confirmation

A unique viewing window in the proximal jaw of the clamp allows visualization of frost coming completely through the tissue.

Argon-powered Cryoablation

Argon gas is the coldest ablation source commercially available for the surgical treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. The CryoFlex probe reaches temperatures of approximately -150°C in test freezes.1

Important Safety Information

Potential adverse events with this device are similar to other cardiac surgery procedures and may include the following: bleeding; re-operation; extension of extracorporeal bypass; heart rhythm disturbances (atrial and/or ventricular); pericardial effusion; pericarditis; cardiac tamponade; pleural effusion; mediastinitis; conduction disturbances (SA /AV node); acute ischemic myocardial event; thrombus formation; low cardiac output; stroke; renal, gastrointestinal or respiratory complications; sepsis; adjacent structural damage; and death.



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