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Affinity CP

Centrifugal Blood Pump


The Affinity™ CP pump is now available with two biocompatible surface options.

Offering Choices in Centrifugal Pumps

The Affinity CP centrifugal blood pump, part number AP40, is a low prime centrifugal pump with smooth cone and low-profile fins that gently handles blood, resulting in low hemolysis. It is designed for use with Bio-Console pump speed controllers with a new, high-efficiency remote drive, 560A, providing the durability you've come to expect from Medtronic.

Available with a choice of biocompatible surface options; Cortiva BioActive Surface with non-leaching End Point Attached Heparin, or Balance Biosurface, a hydrophilic biosurface without heparin.

The Affinity CP centrifugal blood pump may be used with the Stöckert and Sorin centrifugal pump systems or the Sarns and Terumo centrifugal systems by attaching the Affinity CP adapter. The adapter may not be available in your country. For more information, contact your local sales representative.

The Affinity CP pump design offers:

  • Low prime with 40 mL priming volume
  • Low-profile fins for efficient blood flow of up to 10 L/min at lower RPMs
  • Low heat generation created by fewer moving parts and ceramic pivot bearings
  • Low impact with even blood flow, low shear, and no stagnant blood zones
  • Low hemolysis with < 0.1 grams hemoglobin released per 100 L blood pumped at 5 L/min

Two Biocompatible Surface Options

Cortiva BioActive Surface

  • Durable, non-leaching End Point Attached Heparin
  • Provides thromboresistance and enhanced blood compatibility

Balance Biosurface*

  • A hydrophilic biosurface option without heparin
  • Reduces platelet activation
  • Reduces platelet adhesion
  • Preserves platelet function1

This addition to the Affinity family is part of the Medtronic commitment to providing more options for patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass.

For more detailed information, download our product brochure.

Follow a strict anticoagulation protocol and routinely monitor anticoagulation during all procedures.

Ordering Information

Centrifugal Blood Pumps and Probes


Order Number

# of Units


Affinity CP 3/8" inlet/outlet, 40 mL priming volume

4 per case


DP38 Adult Bio-Probe Flow Probe, 3/8"

12 per case


DP38P Pediatric Bio-Probe Flow Probe, 1/4"

12 per case

With Cortiva BioActive Surface


Order Number

# of Units


Affinity CP Centrifugal Blood Pump with Cortiva BioActive Surface

4 per case

With Balance Biosurface


Order Number

# of Units


Affinity CP Centrifugal Blood Pump with Balance Biosurface

4 per case

Bio-Console Ordering Information


Bio-Console 560BCS1 Speed Controller


Flow Transducer


Flow Transducer Disposable


Level Sensor


Level Sensor Tape


Hand Crank Stand


External Drive Motor for Affinity CP


Emergency Handcrank for Affinity CP

Affinity CP Adapter Ordering Information


Order Number

# of Units


Affinity CP Adapter

1 per box


Balance is a registered trademark of Medtronic. Technology licensed under agreement from BioInteractions, Limited, United Kingdom.



See chart below.


Comparison between Balance-coated and uncoated in vitro bench test circuits of percentage of platelets that are activated with adenosine diphosphate (ADP @20 μM) in circulating heparinized human blood over time. Error bars represent standard deviation. († indicates p < 0.05)

CAUTION: Product coated with Balance biosurface is intended for single use only. Resterilization may adversely affect the Balance biosurface.