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ECMO oxygenators

Nautilus Smart ECMO Module

Nautilus Smart ECMO module on transparent background

Simplify your circuit with the first oxygenator featuring integrated monitoring. The Nautilus™* Smart ECMO module improves long-term gas transfer while providing real-time device performance data accessible from an intuitive touch screen.

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Nautilus ECMO Oxygenator

Nautilus ECMO oxygenator on transparent background

Circular flow-path design improves long-term gas transfer. Designed for durability and long-term performance, Nautilus™* ECMO oxygenator is ready to be incorporated into your current ECMO circuit.

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ECMO Catheters

Crescent Jugular Dual Lumen Catheter

Close-up view of the Crescent jugular dual lumen catheter

The Crescent™* catheter is the first FDA-cleared, jugular dual lumen long-term ECMO catheter. It allows for more accurate placement with just one cannulation site, delivers enhanced flow dynamics, and helps maintain optimal flow once placed.

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Crescent RA Jugular Dual Lumen Catheter

Full view of the Crescent RA jugular dual lumen catheter

We understand the value of VV ECMO therapy, and now you have the option to provide your pediatric patients with the same game-changing flow you expect from the Crescent™* catheter name. The Crescent™* RA jugular dual lumen catheter offers a right atrial design and includes both an introducer for a percutaneous technique and a blunt-tip obturator for a surgical cut-down technique.

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Nautilus™* ECMO oxygenator, Nautilus™* Smart ECMO module, Crescent™*, and Crescent™* RA jugular dual lumen catheter are manufactured by MC3, Inc., and exclusively distributed by Medtronic.

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