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OPCAB Accessories

OPCAB Accessories

We offer numerous accessories that can make off-pump coronary artery bypass procedures easier and more successful.

Accessory Overview

AccuMist Blower/Mister

The AccuMist® Device offers advanced fluid/gas mixing technology to create a consistent, predictable blood clearing mist. The malleable shaft and on/off control on the handpiece make it an excellent choice for facilitating a bloodless field.

The AccuMist Blower/Mister features:

  • On/off control in hand-piece
  • Easy-to-hold design
  • Malleable shaft
  • Specialized nozzle, utilizing a micro-orifice for fluid delivery and a separate orifice for gas delivery

ClearView Blower/Mister

The ClearView® Blower/Mister is designed to improve visualization of the surgical site. An irrigation mist gently clears blood from the site, improving visualization without drying or desiccating delicate tissue.

ClearView Intracoronary Shunt

The ClearView Shunt provides a clear anastomotic site during the procedure while providing blood flow to the distal myocardium. The soft silicone body with tapered tips is designed for atraumatic insertion and removal. Tags and tips are radiopaque. Multiple sizes are available to accommodate all vessel diameters, including the first 1mm intracoronary shunt.

QuickFlow DPS

The QuickFlow DPS System contains a complete set of components designed to establish immediate aorta-to-coronary perfusion during the beating heart procedure.

Important Safety Information

Not all patients are candidates for beating heart procedures. Some patients would require cardiopulmonary support during surgery.