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Posterior OCT Reconstruction

Posterior OCT Reconstruction

Occipitocervical Upper-Thoracic Spine

Medtronic offers a versatile posterior occipitocervical upper thoracic reconstruction system (Vertex Select®) for spinal instability.

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What It Is

About Posterior OCT Reconstruction

Conditions of the spine, such as degenerative disc disease, tumor, or trauma, can lead to instability and pain for patients. To treat the instability, surgeons may need to use implants or other instruments to reconstruct the spine after a posterior procedure. Medtronic’s Vertex Select® Reconstruction System implants and the general instruments that can be used with the Vertex Select Reconstruction System can be used to perform this procedure.


Along with the benefits of this technology, there are also potential risks. Risks associated with the Vertex Select Reconstruction System include, but are not limited to: disassembly, bending, and/or breakage of any or all of the components and pressure on the skin from the component parts which could cause skin penetration, irritation, and/or pain.