Important Safety Information Zevo Anterior Cervical Plate

important safety information

The ZEVO™ anterior cervical plate is intended for anterior interbody screw fixation from C2 to T1. The system is indicated for use in the temporary stabilization of the anterior spine during the development of cervical spinal fusions in patients with: 1) degenerative disc disease (as defined by neck pain of discogenic origin with degeneration of the disc confirmed by patient history and radiographic studies), 2) trauma (including fractures), 3) tumors, 4) deformity (defined as kyphosis, lordosis, or scoliosis), 5) pseudarthrosis, and/or 6) failed previous fusions.

There are potential risks associated with the use of these devices some of which include:

  • Tissue or nerve damage caused by improper positioning and placement of implants or instruments 
  • Fracture, microfracture, resorption, damage, or penetration of any spinal bone and/or bone graft or bone graft harvest site at, above, and/or below the level of surgery
  • Bending, and/or breakage of any or all of the components All treatment plans and outcomes are specific to theindividual patient. Results may vary. 

Consult your physician for a complete list of indications, warnings, precautions, adverse events, clinical results, and other important medical information.

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