Surgery: What to Expect – Power-Assisted Adenoidectomy Ear Infections


A power-assisted adenoidectomy is an outpatient operation, which means your child will have the surgery and usually go home the same day.

Before Surgery

You’ll meet with the healthcare team before the operation, and they’ll answer any questions you may have. The anesthesiologist will get a medical history of your child and perform a physical examination before developing an anesthesia plan. He or she will discuss the plan with you and answer your questions.

During Surgery

The surgery is done under a general anesthetic and takes about 15 minutes. Most surgery involves some bleeding and a power-assisted adenoidectomy is no exception. The surgeon will apply a gauze pack with pressure until the bleeding stops.

After Surgery

If the patient is a child, he or she will not be brought out of the anesthesia until bleeding after the surgery has completely stopped. Once all bleeding has stopped, the operation is complete. The recovery room nurses will monitor your child for approximately 2 to 4 hours after surgery to make sure there are no complications. If all goes well, you can usually leave the hospital the same day.

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