Janice, a senior living resident who receives PTNM

Janice belongs to a vibrant senior living community. She had experienced overactive bladder (OAB) symptoms for about three years, and it was really affecting her day-to-day activities and her social life. When Janice learned about Medtronic Bladder Control Therapy delivered by the NURO™ system, she knew she had to try it. “I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

The best part? It could be performed right where she lives, with no need to arrange transportation to a doctor’s office. After she decided to give the therapy a try, a clinician visited her. Together, they decided she was a good candidate; the decision to try the therapy was right for her. Since she started treatment, her quality of life has greatly improved. “I use fewer pads,” Janice said, “and I feel more secure when I go places.”