Setting your weight loss surgery in motion

Imagining your quality of life after weight loss surgery is a meaningful motivation to achieve your weight loss goals.

But to keep your weight loss journey moving along, it’s important to know the options you have and the resources you need to set the weight loss surgery process in motion.

Looking ahead: what comes next

You’re probably ready to feel better, live fully, and be there for life’s important moments. But gaining the confidence to move forward with weight loss surgery begins with understanding the full picture.

Whether it’s connecting to experts who specialize in supporting people on their weight loss journey or understanding what weight loss surgery costs are covered by your insurance plan — covering all your angles is key.

Keys to empowering yourself

  • Lay out the kind of support you’ll need from loved ones before, during, and after weight loss surgery.
  • Explore weight loss surgery costs and what your insurance plan covers.
  • Get insights and peace of mind from those who have undergone weight loss surgery.
  • Educate yourself with tools and resources from experts.
  • Have informed conversations with your doctor and surgeon.
  • Understand how to prepare for this life-changing event — from what you eat to the way you live your life.
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How can we help?

We have tools to help you make informed decisions.

To learn how weight loss surgery can change your life on a deeper level, download these resources.

pdf Weight loss surgery information sheet  (.pdf)

Explore the benefits of having weight loss surgery earlier in the progression of the disease.


pdf BMI fact sheet  (.pdf)

Obesity discussion guide interactive PDF


Information on this site should not be used as a substitute for talking with your doctor. Always talk with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment information.

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