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SynchroMed II Drug Infusion Pump

Targeted Drug Delivery


The Medtronic SynchroMed II pump is part of the SynchroMed II programmable infusion system that stores and delivers pain medication into the intrathecal space, according to instructions programmed by the clinician. The pump and catheter are implanted under the skin.


Within the United States:

  • The chronic epidural/intrathecal infusion of Infumorph (preservative-free morphine sulfate sterile solution) in the treatment of chronic intractable pain.
  • The chronic intrathecal infusion of Prialt (preservative-free ziconotide sterile solution) for the management of severe chronic pain.
  • The chronic intrathecal infusion of Lioresal Intrathecal (baclofen injection) in the management of severe spasticity.



Infusion dosing must be precise, consistent, reliable — day to day and over the life of the drug delivery system.

The SynchroMed II infusion system delivers documented precision and trusted performance. Annual product performance reports share data from a prospective, long-term multi-center registry.


The SynchroMed II pump offers several benefits:


  • Flex dosing schedules allow drug delivery to be matched to patient needs, providing chronic pain relief throughout the day
  • Precise dose titration enables clinicians to prescribe the lowest possible dose to reach patient goals


  • Smart software guides the clinician through programming the system, via information and warning screens
  • Full body MRI compatibility at 1.5 and 3-Tesla under specific conditions
  • Critical alarms sound for low reservoir, end of service, motor stall, tube set interval, and critical pump memory error
  • Noncritical alarms sound for a low reservoir, the elective replacement indicator, and noncritical pump memory error


  • Critical therapy and patient data stored in the pump allow flexibility for follow-up at other institutions
  • No need to purge or pre-warm the pump prior to implant
  • 180-day drug stability for preservative-free morphine for longer refill intervals
  • N'Vision™ clinician programmer offers an intuitive touchscreen and user-friendly software


The drug enters the pump through the reservoir fill port and passes through the reservoir valve and into the SynchroMed II pump reservoir. At normal body temperatures, pressurized gas that is stored below the reservoir expands, exerting constant pressure on the reservoir. This pressure advances drug into the SynchroMed II pump tubing. The battery-powered electronics and motor precisely push the programmed dose out through the catheter port and into the catheter.

The peristaltic action of the SynchroMed II pump moves the drug from the pump reservoir, through the pump tubing, check valve, catheter port, and implanted catheter, to the infusion site.

The catheter access port (CAP) allows injection of the drug directly into the implanted catheter for drug administration and diagnostic purposes. Drug injected into the CAP bypasses the SynchroMed II pump mechanism and goes directly through the catheter port into the implanted catheter to the infusion site.

The SynchroMed II pump has suture loops for anchoring the pump in the pocket.

Ports and suture loops on the SynchroMed II infusion pump


  • Ascenda™ Intrathecal Catheter Models 8780 and 8781
  • Intrathecal Catheter Model 8731SC
  • N'Vision™ Clinician Programmer
  • myPTM™ Personal Therapy Manager


Access prescriber, implant, MRI, and other manuals on the Medtronic Manual Library Search by the product name (SynchroMed) or model number (8637). You may also call 800-961-9055 for a copy of a manual.


Model 8637-20 (20 mL reservoir) 8637-40 (40 mL reservoir)
Battery Life 4 to 7 years 4 to 7 years
Weight (empty/full) 165/185 g (5.8/6.5 oz) 175/215 g (6.2/7.6 oz)
Thickness 19.5 mm (0.78 in) 26 mm (1.0 in)
Minimum flow rate 0.048mL/day 0.048mL/day