myPTM™  Personal therapy manager 

The myPTM™ personal therapy manager is a patient device designed to enable personalized, on-demand intrathecal boluses delivered by the SynchroMed™ pump to help alleviate unpredictable pain.

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Empower patients to alleviate unpredictable pain

The myPTM™  patient therapy managers provides customized pain relief options for patients. Using the clinician programmer, clinicians set a continuous, therapeutic daily dose and create limitations on the maximum allowable patient activated boluses. The myPTM™ provides patients with the flexibility of on-demand pain management within preset parameters of their clinician. The flexibility of bolusing with myPTM™ helps eliminate the need to treat unpredictable pain with systemic medication.1


Meet myPTM™

  • Simple, patient-friendly design
  • Helps eliminate the need for systemic medication1
  • Proven satisfaction – patients experienced higher levels of therapy satisfaction with myPTM™2

Product Details

myPTM™ app and handset

  • myPTM™ app is available on an easy to use handset
  • Visuals and informative messages help your patients manage their therapy with ease
  • Clear confirmation is provided when a bolus is started
  • Informative lockout timer helps your patient know when their next bolus is available
  • Therapy details are conveniently located within the app
  • After interrogating the pump, a patient will receive a notification if there is an active alarm

myPTM™ Personal Therapy Manager lockout screen showing eight minutes until next bolus can be delivered.

myPTM™ communicator

  • Transmits information between the pump and myPTM™ app
  • Rechargeable design


Close up of the myPTM™ Personal Therapy Manager application and communicator.


SynchroMed™ pump

The SynchroMed™ programmable, implantable pump delivers drug to the intrathecal space through an implanted catheter. 

SynchroMed™ clinician programmer

The SynchroMed™ clinician programmer provides a simple, guided workflow approach to programming SynchroMed™ implantable pumps.

Efficio™ management software

The Efficio™ management software is designed to simplify your pump practice by offering efficient schedule planning, simple drug tracking, historical dosing insights, and on-demand access to reports.

SynchroMed™ III targeted drug infusion system

Model Specifications

The myPTM™ personal therapy manager includes:

  • A820 myPTM™ application
  • TH90T01 myPTM™ handset and TM90T0 communicator

Contact Medtronic patient and technical services for product support, replacement information, and repair services at 1-800-707-0933.



Visit the Medtronic manual library to find the A820 myPTM™ manual.




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Bolash RB, Niazi T, Kumari M, Azer G, Mekhail N. Efficacy of a targeted drug delivery on-demand bolus option for chronic pain. Pain Pract. 2018;18(3):305-313.


Ilias W, le Polain B, Buchser E, Demartini L. Patient-controlled analgesia in chronic pain patients: experience with a new device designed to be used with implanted programmable pumps. Pain Pract. 2008;8(3):164-170. Patients prescribed a myPTM™ with therapy delivery experience higher levels of therapy satisfaction versus therapy delivery alone.