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the InterStim™ system


Regaining control is life changing.

Meet a bladder control and a bowel control patient — and the therapy that gave them their freedom back.


The InterStim system

Imagine doing the activities you love without worry.

A product collage including the InterStim X and InterStim Micro with smart programmer

InterStim™ is a small device with leads that target the nerves connected to your bladder or bowel1, helping you regain control.2–4 The device is implanted under your skin, and you can adjust its settings through an app.

Your test will help you and your healthcare provider make a confident decision about whether the InterStim™ system is right for you.

Complications can occur with the test, including movement of the wire, technical problems with the device, and some temporary pain. Your doctor or nurse will provide you with information regarding how to operate the test device, and inform you of other test-related precautions and activity restrictions.

Curious about what it’s like?

More than 350,000 people have had their lives changed by Medtronic bladder and bowel control therapies. Connect with someone who had similar symptoms and found relief with the InterStim™ system. Talk to someone who understands through our ambassador program.

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