Medtronic HVAD™ System Videos 

Instructional videos

Programming an HVAD™ Controller 

This video walks you through the steps of programming a patient’s new back-up controller using the HeartWare™ Monitor.

English no subtitles

French subtitles

Turkish subtitles

Downloading HVAD™ Controller Logfiles

Watch this video to review the steps of how to download logfiles from a patient’s HVAD controller so they can be sent to Medtronic for further analysis. This video is available with subtitles for multiple languages.

English no subtitles

French subtitles

Turkish subtitles

Handling an Emergency: Changing Controllers

This video demonstrates when and how to change from the patient’s primary HVAD controller to their backup controller.

Making Good Connections

This video demonstrates how to properly connect and disconnect power sources to the HVAD controller. 

HVAD™ System Emergency Responder Training 

This video is designed for EMS personnel to review how to care for HVAD patients and respond to emergencies. 

HVAD™ System Lavare™ Cycle

Watch this video to visualize how the Lavare Cycle works in a patient implanted with the HVAD pump.