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Wide neck cohort (n = 72)

Wide aortic neck illustration

Wide proximal aortic necks experience suboptimal outcomes after standard EVAR.

Wide necks are:

  • 6.7x more likely to have type Ia endoleak (p = 0.001)
  • 10x more likely to have sac expansion (p = 0.009)
  • 5.1x more likely to rupture (p = 0.01)

(N = 6,602 f/u ranged from 2.7 years (mean) to 3.9 years)1

ESAR in wide necks: Reinforced seal, redefined outcomes.

When compared to wide necks in literature at similar time intervals, patients who received ESAR with the Heli-FX EndoAnchor system at the index procedure experienced better outcomes.

ANCHOR wide neck data

ESAR reinforces and protects the proximal seal, leading to better outcomes in wide necks. View data on wide necks from literature compared to the three-year wide neck results from the ANCHOR Registry.

ANCHOR Registry wide neck cohort three-year data (N = 72)2

(Wide necks ≥ 28 mm and ≤ 32 mm
Mean neck diameter 29.5 mm)

  • 98.5% three-year FF type Ia endoleak
    (One patient presented with a type Ia at their 30-day follow-up, self-resolved)
  • 100% three-year FF secondary procedures to treat type Ia
  • 100% three-year FF migration
  • 100% three-year FF rupture
  • 91.3% (21/23) sacs regressing/stable at three years
  • 60.9% (14/23) sac regression at three years

The relevance of ANCHOR Registry wide neck data

Hear from Professor Michel Reijnen on the importance of the ANCHOR three-year wide neck data.

Using the ANCHOR Registry to help treat patients

Dr. William Jordan Jr. discusses the ANCHOR Registry and how it captures real-world usage and long-term outcomes of EndoAnchor implant fixation in EVAR.

Primary AAA arm (n = 771)

Revision AAA arm (n = 261)

Short neck cohort (n = 70)

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Wide neck definition varied from ≥ 25 mm to ≥ 31 mm.

Denominator is the number of subjects with maximum aneurysm diameter reported at both the one-month post implantation measurement and three-year follow-up time points.



Kouvelos GN, Antoniou G, Spanos K, Giannoukas A, Matsagkas M. Endovascular aneurysm repair in patients with a wide proximal aortic neck: a systematic review and meta-analysis of comparative studies. J Cardiovasc Surg (Torino). April 2019;60(1):167–174.


Reijnen M. Podium First: ESAR is more than reinforced proximal seal: three-year ANCHOR study results on wide necks and video technique edited case. Presented at Charing Cross International Symposium. April 26, 2022; London, UK.