Simplici-T™ Band Surgical Valve Repair

The Simplici-T annuloplasty system offers a first-of-its-kind approach to mitral and tricuspid valve repair. 

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Repair Redefined

The Simplici-T system is the first flexible band to eliminate the need for traditional sizing, providing a custom fit for every patient and requiring less inventory space.

Correct annuloplasty band sizing is an important element to achieve a successful repair.

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Product Details 

No More Sizing

One size is always the right size. The Simplici-T system is based on the “no sizing” implant technique of Dr. Tirone David.

Customized for Every Patient

The flexible band adapts to the unique needs of every patient. Implanted band length is determined by the annular size and degree of plication of the annular tissue.

Reduced Inventory

The flexible annuloplasty band is supplied in a length of 100 mm and requires no additional accessories.

Offers the Benefits of a Flexible Band, Including:

  • Better early postoperative LV systolic function over patients with a rigid ring1
  • Allows annulus size and configuration to adapt to changes throughout cardiac cycle2-4
  • Better diastolic blood flow across the mitral valve, particularly during exercise5
  • Flexible annuloplasty repair devices place less stress on the sutures during systole, minimizing the likelihood of dehiscence6

Product Specifications and Ordering Information

Simplici-T Annuloplasty Band, Model 670

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Simplici-T Annuloplasty Band


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Tirone E. David receives royalties from Medtronic, Inc. on sales of the Simplici-T annuloplasty system.



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