Mitral Repair

SimuPlus annuloplasty ring and band on white background

Flexible SimuPlus™ Annuloplasty Ring and Band

The SimuPlus ring and band offer flexible solutions to mitral/tricuspid valve repair.

SimuPlus Details
SimuForm ring on white background

Semi-Rigid SimuForm™ Annuloplasty Ring

The SimuForm ring provides semi-rigid posterior remodeling while offering a flexible anterior portion to accommodate motion.

SimuForm Details
CG Future ring and CG Future band on white background

Semi-rigid CG Future™ Annuloplasty Band

The CG Future is designed to predictably remodel the annulus to maintain apposition of the anterior and posterior leaflets.

CG Future Details
Profile 3D ring on white background

Rigid Profile 3D™ Annuloplasty Ring

The Profile 3D has a unique asymmetrical 3-D remodeling ring design based on the annular geometry of normal human mitral annuli.

Profile 3D Details


Tricuspid Repair

Tri-Ad 2.0 Adams band on white background

Semi-Rigid Tri-Ad™ 2.0 Adams Annuloplasty Band

The Tri-Ad 2.0 Adams band repairs annular dilatation preserving 3-D motion during the cardiac cycle, while providing free wall support and remodeling.

Tri-Ad 2.0 Details
Contour 3D ring on white background

Rigid Contour 3D™ Annuloplasty Ring

The Contour 3D is a remodeling ring with a physiological tricuspid valve shape — a 2-D shape and a 3-D curvature based on CT data from functional tricuspid valves.

Contour 3D Details


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