Reveal LINQ ICM and MyCareLink patient monitor with a plus symbol above two female and male portraits

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The Reveal LINQ™ insertable cardiac monitoring system provides long-term heart monitoring.

Why Long-term Monitoring May Be Right for You

Accurate information is the key to better healthcare.

But irregular heartbeats may occur infrequently, making the underlying condition hard to find and treat.

Now there’s a way. With continuous long-term monitoring, your doctor can get information about your heart to help find the right answer for you.

Reveal LINQ ICM System

The Reveal LINQ system includes a tiny insertable monitor placed just under the skin and the MyCareLink™ patient monitor — a bedside unit that collects heart rhythm data from the ICM and sends it to your doctor.

Reveal LINQ ICM and MyCareLink patient monitor with a plus sign
  • Discreet — The Reveal LINQ ICM is not visible in most patients.
  • Easy — The MyCareLink monitor uses a cellular signal and a power outlet.
  • Portable — Go wherever you want. You can travel and take the MyCareLink monitor with you.
  • MRI Compatible — The Reveal LINQ ICM is safe for use in an MRI setting.
  • 3 Years — The Reveal LINQ ICM detects abnormal heart rhythms for up to three years.1

How It Works

Once your Reveal LINQ ICM is inserted, all you need to do is leave the MyCareLink monitor plugged in, powered on, and in a location that receives an adequate cellular signal.

The system will take care of the rest.

The process for sending information is easy and worry-free:

Icon of heartbeat on blue background

Heart data is recorded with the Reveal LINQ ICM.

Icon of person sleeping on navy blue background

You go to bed near your MyCareLink monitor.

Icon of Wi-Fi signal on dark blue background

Your data is shared with the MyCareLink monitor.

Computer monitor icon on blue background

Your doctor can access your data.

Icon of telephone on blue background

Your doctor will contact you if necessary.

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Refer to the Reveal LINQ ICM Clinician Manual for usage parameters.