Insertable heart monitors

Living with an insertable heart monitor

Live your life while your doctor keeps track of your heart.

Live your life while staying monitored.

No more dealing with wires or sticky patches — you can travel, shower, and sleep as you normally would. There’s no need to change your daily activities. LINQ™ insertable cardiac monitors (ICMs) follow you wherever you go, meaning less work for you and your caregivers.

Staying connected to your doctor is easy.

As long as you keep your bedside transmitter plugged in or your smartphone app open (for LINQ II™ ICM only), your LINQ ICM will upload your heart information and send it to your doctor.
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Download the guide for your ICM device.

Made for lasting peace of mind.

Your safety and security are our priority. LINQ ICMs are:

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Data security is top priority for Medtronic. The connectivity of this device was designed to protect your data.

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If you need an MRI, having an implanted Medtronic heart monitor device won’t stop you. 

* See patient manual for additional information.
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Safe for airport security
Neither security nor scanning will affect your heart monitor.

Have additional questions?

Reveal LINQ ICM and LINQ II ICM (LINQ family of ICMs) patient service specialists are available to assist you.

  • Customer support: 800-551-5544
  • Monday–Friday: 7:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. CT

If you would like to send an email, you can reach us at

Share your story.

Are you living with a LINQ ICM? Help other patients by sharing your experience. If a LINQ ICM helped you, we want to hear your story.

Cost and insurance

Insertable heart monitors have been available for over 20 years and are widely covered by Medicare and private providers. Ask your insurance provider for information on coverage for your specific condition and any costs or copays you’d incur for implant or ongoing monitoring with an insertable heart monitor.
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