PERSONAL STORIES Melody™ Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve (TPV) Therapy

Learn From Others Who Have Received a Melody TPV

The following stories recount the experiences of individuals who received a Melody transcatheter pulmonary valve (TPV). Medtronic invited these individuals to share their stories candidly. Caution: Results vary; your experience may not be comparable to the experience of these individuals.

Kim's Story

Patient Story Photo of Kim

Speaking with Kim, you would never guess that this vibrant 52-year-old mother of three, who also owns two daycare centers with her mother, was born with multiple congenital heart problems. Doctors told her parents that they were not sure she would live. At that time, there were very few options available to them. But after five heart surgeries Kim has thrived, thanks in part to her Melody valve.

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Miller’s Story


At age 13, Miller was unable to walk a flight of stairs without resting, much less play actively with family and friends. His pulmonary valve conduit was failing, and a replacement valve was needed. Hoping to avoid open-heart surgery as long as possible, Miller's mom searched and discovered hope in Melody TPV Therapy. Find out how life is going for Miller at age 21!

Dan’s Story


Dan is an active husband and father who enjoys snowboarding, martial arts, and volleyball. Born with a heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot, Dan had six open-heart surgeries by the time he was 19. After a near-death experience during the last surgery, Dan was determined to find a less-invasive option to replace his failing pulmonary valve.

Zoe’s Story


When routine tests revealed six-year-old Zoe's pulmonary valve conduit was failing, her parents scoured the internet for an alternative to open-heart surgery. As Zoe’s condition deteriorated, she became listless and had lost her energy and enthusiasm. At age six, Zoe received Melody TPV Therapy, which delayed the need for her fourth open-heart surgery.