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Bioresorbable Ear Packing and Patching Products

for Middle Ear Surgery and Other Otologic Procedures

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Medtronic offers additional otology and neurotology products, such as drills, instruments, middle ear implants, ventilation tubes, nerve monitoring systems, and image-guided surgery systems.

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Middle Ear Implants

Middle Ear Implants and Stapes Implants

Middle Ear Implants from Medtronic

Middle ear implants

Ossicular Reconstruction

icon-pdf View a surgical technique with the Roberson Stapes Prosthesis.

We partner with leading surgeons to develop optimum products for middle ear applications and ossicular reconstruction.

Our middle ear implants and stapes implants are available in multiple combinations of biocompatible materials, shapes, and sizes for many different anatomies and conditions.

Stapes Implants from Medtronic

Stapes implants

Middle Ear Implants

We offer a broad variety of TORP (total ossicular reconstruction prosthesis) and PORP (partial ossicular reconstruction prosthesis) designs, so you can choose which middle ear implant works best for you and your patient.

Stapes Implants

Stapes implants are available in many sizes, materials, and designs, such as the Big Easy® Piston and the Roberson Stapes Prosthesis.

View the ENT Product Catalog for details about our middle ear implants for ossicular reconstruction.

Otologic Drills

Ventilation Tubes


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