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What do a Black Hawk Military Helicopter and an Ablation Device Have in Common?

Obviously, they are very different pieces of equipment, but with a third of our Medtronic Cardiovascular Equipment Services & Support representatives formerly active military, it’s likely some on our team have serviced both.

When a patient goes into surgery, cardiac surgeons and perfusionists depend on our equipment — from autotransfusion systems to ventilators to pump motors — to perform optimally. That’s one of the reasons Medtronic actively hires veterans, who are known not only for their work ethic, but also for the intensive training they received while in the military. “Our work is highly specialized, and not a lot of people have the type of electronic technician training needed to work with our devices,” says Senior National Service Manager Victor Colbrese. “We’ve found that the military trains members in that field at a high level, so it’s a great pool for hiring.”

Medtronic equipment service rep working on an autoLog IQ Autotransfusion System

And when it comes to job readiness, our reps who are former military are at an advantage over those who come to Medtronic from elsewhere. Victor explains: “Those without prior experience can take up to 18 months to train on our equipment, but our former military reps take less than half that time, so we’re up and running much faster.”

Just as our veteran reps dedicated themselves to serving our country, all of our reps are dedicated to supporting customers and their patients — and to living the Medtronic Mission. That same dedication also seems to result in longer tenures. On average, our reps have been with Medtronic for 15 years, making Victor’s job somewhat easier: “The only downside to hiring former military, especially the younger ones, is that I have to keep reminding them to stop calling me ‘sir,’” says Victor.

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