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Experience convenient device checks with the CareLink Express™ Mobile system.

The CareLink Express Mobile system gives the ability to check a patient’s cardiac device anytime without the need for a device expert onsite. Device interrogations can be easily completed by following simple steps in the app, and the data is transmitted to a device clinician to review remotely.

Tablet and patient connector showing CareLink Express

1. Device interrogation

Patient is interrogated via the CareLink Express Mobile system at a hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office. Data is transmitted to the CareLink Express website and the CareLink™ network.

CareLink Express Mobile system on a patient holding the monitor over her chest

2. Transmission assessment

Device clinician is notified to review the data on the CareLink Express website or the CareLink network and contacts onsite staff to discuss the report remotely.

Healthcare professional in a white coat looking at a tablet with the CareLink Express Mobile app on the screen

Clinic follow-up with the CareLink Express Mobile system

Watch how a cardiac electrophysiologist and his clinical staff create workflow efficiencies by utilizing the CareLink Express Mobile system for clinic follow-up.

This is one clinic’s experience. Results may vary.

Experience flexibility at implant and follow-up with the CareLink SmartSync™ device manager.

The CareLink SmartSync device manager provides healthcare professionals with a lightweight solution allowing for:

  • Portability between rooms
  • Up to 6.5 feet of distance between compatible cardiac devices and the patient connector1
  • Up to 6.5 feet of distance between the tablet and the patient connector1
CareLink SmartSync device manager with tablet screen showing user interface and patient connector

Reveal LINQ mobile manager

Enable workflow simplicity for LINQ II™ and Reveal LINQ™ ICMs with the Reveal LINQ mobile manager.

The Reveal LINQ mobile manager is an integrated workflow solution for independently managing device activation, registration, CareLink network pre-enrollment, patient education, and follow-up device checks.

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Medtronic Model 24967 technical manual.