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Bradyarrhythmia management

Learn more about therapy options to treat bradycardia patients.

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A pacemaker isn’t just a pacemaker. 

Medtronic is revolutionizing pacing with two generations of transcatheter pacing systems, physiologic pacing solutions, and leading transvenous devices to help you treat more patients.

Transcatheter pacing

Transforming the patient experience with two generations of leadless pacemakers. We didn’t design Micra™ just to be the smallest. We worked to create a better pacemaker — a more comfortable device that patients could forget.

Transvenous pacing

As our most advanced transvenous pacemakers, we designed our portfolio to provide improved longevity and exclusive algorithms to manage atrial fibrillation (AF) in pacemaker patients. Backed with Bluetooth®* technology, patients can stay connected seamlessly to their clinics. That, in turn, allows them to continue living their lives — uninterrupted. As part of our ever-evolving portfolio, including Azure™, Advisa™, and Adapta™, we are focused on delivering the best care options for more of your patients.

Pacing leads and delivery systems

Our portfolio of pacing leads and delivery systems includes MRI SureScan™ pacing leads — including SelectSecure™ MRI SureScan™ Model 3830 — as well as non-MRI choices, providing options with improved reach, enhanced range and maneuverability, and active and passive fixation.

Temporary external pacemakers

Our comprehensive portfolio of temporary external pacemakers is backed by 60+ years of experience. Dual- and single-chamber options include easily configurable features, enhanced user interface, and improved low-battery indicator.

Cardiac device features

Providing a full complement of pacing features like Managed Ventricular Pacing (MVP™) and Reactive ATP™ to help your patients get back to living their lives.

Managing your patients

From our various therapy options and monitoring solutions to our management services, we provide resources to help you help your patients feel better, while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of care for patients with bradyarrhythmia.

Reduce complications

Reducing procedure-related complications is now more important than ever. Learn about the TYRX™ Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope, an innovative solution aimed to improve procedure-related outcomes.

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