Support Patients Can Count On

We’re here to help. At Medtronic Diabetes, we support thousands of people living with diabetes each year. From the very beginning, our patient-centered core mission has remained the same: alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. You can learn more about our mission directly from our legendary co-founder, the late Earl E. Bakken, here.

We understand that everyone’s experience with diabetes is different. While some people may want a little support, others may want more. Our goal is to make every interaction positive and provide the answers patients are looking for. We’re committed to providing the level of service and support needed to help patients reach their therapy goals while also helping to support the healthcare providers who care for them (that means you!).

Our commitment to world-class customer support exists along a continuum. This means that we personalize the support we provide through the patient journey, whether a customer is just getting started or has used a device for several years.

Locally, you and your patients have access to Territory Managers (TM), Clinical Territory Managers (CTM) and Diabetes Clinical Educators (DCE). While TMs are your go-to resource for product/supply orders and insurance-related matters, it’s the CTM or DCE that typically leads both product training and post-training support for your patients. Our advice? Make sure you know who your local Medtronic dream team is; after all, they’re here to support you and your patients!

Medtronic customers also have access to our dedicated team of experts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, via telephone call. This group specializes in answering product questions, providing training refreshers, and product troubleshooting. Patients can also watch product-related videos and get step-by-step support on our website. Plus, we’ve worked to make ordering ongoing supplies easy through, therefore ultimately offering patients the option to talk to our team via telephone or use our mobile-friendly portal to place and track orders.

With so many options for support, we understand how it could be a challenge to keep them all straight. With that in mind, we’ve outlined the most important information below for easy access and safe keeping.

Medtronic Diabetes contact information.